The 40th anniversary of the biomedical engineering discipline held at Shanghai Jiaotong University


On October 26, 2019, the commemorative meeting of the 40th anniversary of the biomedical engineering discipline at Shanghai Jiaotong University came to an end in Wenzhitang, Xuhui campus.

Leaders of Shanghai Jiao Tong University Party and Government Office, Research Institute, Key Office, School of Shipbuilding, School of Materials, School of Management, and more than 600 people including teachers and students attended the conference.


After the meeting, Academician Yazhu Chen, together with the participating experts and alumni, visited the "Shanghai Jiaotong University-Zhong Hui Medical USgPHIFU Joint Laboratory of Technology Research ". After discussing the principles and advantages of phased array focused ultrasound technology, everyone recognized the technical prospects and clinical significance of PHIFU.